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Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and Fall, also referred to as Trip and Fall injuries, generally occur because the owner or manager of a commercial or residential property ignored a dangerous situation on his or her property. As a result, someone experiences a slip-and-fall accident causing serious injury or even death.

Typical injuries in a slip and fall are broken bones, back and spinal injuries, knee and hip injuries and head trauma. They can occur anywhere: A restaurant, grocery or supermarket, private home, apartment building, parking lot, shopping mall, school, office, government agency or a public sidewalk.

The scary thing, is that the effects of some of these injuries may take days or even weeks to reveal themselves. It is therefore, so important to seek medical treatment right away.

Other Types of Accidents

Common causes of slip and fall accidents

Generally speaking, most people fall due to dangerous conditions, resulting from either poor design, improper maintenance or obstacles.

For example, you may slip-and-fall in a restaurant or grocery store because of slippery floors, spills, water leaks or food spills. Being struck by falling tree branches, rocks or other objects while on private or public property are other common causes of injury which can be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

Serious falls commonly occur because of defective or unstable flooring, inadequate lighting, as well as wires and other objects left in walkways or pathways that may injure you.

Here are some very common areas where slip and falls occur:

  • Doorways
  • Unguarded heights
  • Unstable work surfaces
  • Ramps
  • Ladders
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Stairs
  • Areas prone to wetness or spills
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Common locations where Slip and Fall injuries occur

Believe it or not, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional death in homes and communities.

A significant percentage of these occur while:

  • Visiting a home or business
  • Participating in a public event
  • Visiting a public place like a park
  • Restaurants
  • At a mall
  • Grocery stores or Supermarkets
  • Parking lots
  • City streets

If you have been injured as the result of a Slip and Fall, you should contact a California Slip-and-Fall Attorney as soon as possible. At Phillips and Pelly, we specialize in slip and fall injury cases. Our slip and fall attorneys can act immediately to determine whether or not the owner or manager of the property created unsafe conditions that caused your injury accident.

Supermarket and Grocery Falls

Few types of businesses pose more risks to consumers than supermarkets and grocery stores. Owners and managers have a responsibility to create a safe environment for shoppers and to prevent accidents and injuries whenever possible, including injuries caused by:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Dangerous entryways
  • Leaking cooling unit
  • Dangerous parking lots
  • Spilled food and fluids
  • Falling product and debris
What to Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

If you’ve been injured, it’s important to seek medical care to determine the severity of your injuries and ensure it is documented.

If you are able to do so, make sure to:

  • Determine what caused the fall
  • Record the date, time and conditions.
  • Take pictures
  • Notify property owner & report accident. This is vital if you fall in a commercial establishment like the mall, restaurant, or supermarket.
  • Get the names and contact information for witnesses.
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It is important to remember that time is especially critical in these sorts of injury accidents. Acting immediately can ensure that there is a record of the conditions at the time you were injured, and may very well make the difference between having a claim or not having a claim.


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"Time is critical. Only immediate action ensures a record of the conditions at the time you were injured." - Ashley Lafontaine, Trial Attorney

Slip and Fall at a Government Agency

Government agencies may also be held responsible in a slip and fall injury accident. If you have injured yourself in a government building or property and feel that it was as a result of unsafe conditions or repair problems, you’ll want to talk to a San Diego Slip and Fall lawyer right away.

Because many government agencies have complex filing requirements and deadlines, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, those who choose to handle their injury claim on their own, many times fail to meet these deadlines in a timely manner, and lose the opportunity for compensation.

Hiring knowledgeable personal injury lawyers, works to guard against missing critical deadlines or filing requirements, providing immense peace of mind, as you heal. As experienced California slip-and-fall attorneys, we know the ins and outs of the government processes as well as the requirements necessary to successfully represent you. We'll navigate the entire process on your behalf, to ensure that you are properly compensated.

Available Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for important expenses such as your medical bills, lost wages and lost future earning power, pain and suffering, rehabilitative services and other vital support and care that may be necessary if you’ve experienced a catastrophic injury.

Do I have to pay for representation?

NO! We handle all cases on a contingency basis, with a no fee until we win guarantee . You only pay if we recover money on your behalf.

Responsibility of the Property Owner

Property owners are required to take reasonable care in managing and maintaining their property, to protect others from being exposed to danger or harm. Additionally, they are required to regularly inspect their property for unsafe conditions, and then either repair the problem or give adequate warning about the hazard.

For public areas that are against private property, the property owner is responsible for notifying the government agency responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, street or other area.

If you are injured during a slip and fall, you have to prove that the owner knew or should have known about the danger, and that they failed to fix it. If the owner or the owner’s employee caused the problem, it is assumed the property owner knew about it. However, if a non-employee (like a guest or a customer) created the condition, you have to show that there was time for the owner or manager to discover and repair the problem, and they did not.

Another possibility is that the condition occurred regularly. For example, if mud slides into a walkway or makes an area dangerously slick every time it rains, the owner of the property would be expected to either post warnings or take care of the problem whenever it rains. If they did not, then the owner may be held liable if the lawyer can prove that the accident was caused by a re-occurring problem. A good slip and fall injury attorney would argue that the owner should have been aware of the problem and the conditions that caused it, and should have taken action to prevent accidents.

Others who may be responsible for a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Although property owners and the like, are generally responsible in a slip-and-fall injury accident, there may be other people that share responsibility.

For example, gardeners, janitorial services, repair people and other service providers may create dangerous situations, and be at least partially responsible for an injury accident. Government agencies, franchise operators and parent companies may also be accountable.

For example, an accident at a school would involve the local school district and other local government entities. An accident at a U.S. post office, would involve a claim against the U.S. government. Being able to identify everyone who may be at fault in an accident requires knowledge, research and investigation. Our San Diego slip-and-fall attorney’s, know how track down responsible parties and properly document their responsibility in causing the accident.

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Slip and fall cases can be a challenge to research, prove and win. The lawyers must not only prove that the hazard existed but also that the owner new about it and did nothing.

With over 18 years representing slip and fall injury victims in San Diego, our legal team possesses the energy, knowledge and experience to get the maximum compensation you are owed under the law, for your injuries. Hiring us provides you with the peace of mind needed to focus on healing and getting back to your life and family.

Our reputation in the community is as well-established, straight shooters who operate with honesty, integrity and as strong advocates for each and every valued Client. We are:

When you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, the last thing you want is to do is deal with insurance companies, medical bills and claims. When you hire Phillips and Pelly, we handle every aspect of your case, from start to finish. Your one and only job is to get better. We are on your side, working hard on your behalf.

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